Our Team

 Peter D. Tuddenham
Chief Technical Officer

Peter has more than 25 years experience working for four Fortune 500 companies as a senior manager of strategy, communications, learning and systems and networks. Peter studied learning systems design at Saybrook.

Allan J. Bragg
Web Designer, Multimedia Producer, Audio/Video Production

Allan designs creative websites with expertise in graphics, CSS, 3D / animation, video and audio production.  Allan is also a composer, musician and producer with 4 CDs on the market and thousands of fans worldwide. His music has been used for websites, CDs, DVDs, ADs and videos.

 Mark Samaan
New Media Producer

Mark composes stories in video and motion graphics. He has a MA in Video from George Mason University.

This woman owned business was incorporated in 1983 by Kristina Bishop who is the majority owner of Beta Resources Inc.